Monday, January 25, 2016

Fituary Support Group

It is easy to start the new year with excitement & big goals for your health & fitness. 
It is also easy to get side tracked & feel defeated.
Yes, even health & wellness coaches go through these struggles.
*Letting excuses creep in
*Winter blues
*3 feet of snow making you feel like a hibernating bear
I have started & re-started The Master's Hammer & Chisel twice now.  I am really enjoying the workouts.  I love the variety with workouts from two trainers & it is primarily weight training based, which is my favorite way to get my sweat on.  But in all honesty, I have fallen short in the nutrition department.  I let a lot of sweets & treats sneak in over the holiday season, thus leading to wicked sugar cravings rolling into January.  I know that minimizing those sweet treats is the key to my personal success in the past, but I have let the excuses & extra treats continue to invade my kitchen.  It's time to take back control, keep myself accountable & kick this sugar cycle, AGAIN.  I know that the majority of my results are going to come from what I eat.  It is time to hunker down & FOCUS!  After all, I have the Team Beachbody Success Club cruise coming up in March & I want to feel confident on that ship full of fellow coaches.
It's hard to admit when you have seen a bit of a backslide in your progress, but I know that I can overcome this hump & you can, too!
I am totally ready to shake this funk & I know the recipe that works, I just need a group of dedicated folks to join me on the journey.  We will keep each other accountable & motivated in a private, online support groups. 
I will provide tips to get back on track with your health & fitness (or how to get the ball rolling if this is all new to you). 
Healthy, fresh recipes that will brighten up your kitchen & energize your body to shake those winter doldrums. 
Sample meal plans, clean eating shopping lists, & advice on how to avoid temptations.
So if you feel like you have lost yourself in this blizzard, let's team up to uncover those healthy habits that will help us look great, feel great, & shed our "winter coats."
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