Thursday, June 23, 2016

Love the skin you are in

The other day my daughter asked me, "Mom, why are your thighs so big?"

A few years ago that question would have stabbed me right in the heart.

I would have brushed the question under the rug or told her it was none of her concern.
But I have a confident, strong, body-positive daughter to I said, "why do you think (my thighs are so big)?"...

Then she grabbed my leg & said, "oh, they are all muscle! Your legs must be strong from your exercises."

That right there is why I do what I do...helping my daughter realize that muscles, exercise, & being strong is far more important than being thin or having skinny legs. And that is not to say that thin legs cannot be strong - my daughter is proof of that, you should see that girl run & kick the soccer ball...but she also has not hit puberty.

My point is...

Be confident & positive about the body that God has given you.

Do your best to take care of your body, keep it healthy & strong with good food & daily physical activity.

Talk to your children about body image in a positive way & address how images that they see in the media are doctored to remove flaws.

We are all uniquely & beautifully made, flaws & all. Embrace your uniqueness & love yourself. When your children see you taking care of your health & being body positive they will follow suit.

Read about my transformation story here.

Guilt Free Eggs Florentine

Tis the season for fresh vegetables from the garden & farmers market. I wanted to put together a few of my favorites (tomatoes & spinach) with a little bit of protein.

Guilt Free Eggs Florentine
2 thick tomato slices
2 sunny side up or over easy eggs...
1 cup wilted baby spinach

Yum! Yum! Yum!