Friday, December 4, 2015

Advent Calendar of Good Deeds

This year our family has opted for something different from the typical Advent calendar.  In order to get our minds & hearts focused on the true spirit of the season, we are doing good deeds each day!

Some are as simple as giving a smile to everyone you see or holding open a door.  Others are more involved, like making cards for nursing home patience or baking cookies for local law enforcement.

The good deeds don't need to be grand, they simply need to come from the heart.

To keep the deeds for each day a secret I wrote them on little pieces of paper & hung them on this little "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.  Each morning the kids read their good deed for the day as they eat their breakfast.

In addition to our preparations for Christmas I am reading a daily Advent devotion & a section I read the other day really spoke to the lifestyle that I strive to live & share.  It spoke of preparing yourself mentally, spiritually, & physically for the coming of Christ. 
*Treat your body with respect - exercise regularly & nourish yourself with healthy foods.  Don't get sucked into perpetual overindulging on rich foods & alcohol.
*Focus on giving & what you can do to help others now & throughout the year.
*Avoid overspending on gifts - keep it simple, focus more on experiences & spending time together as a family rather than things.
Have a blessed & healthy Advent season.

Holly, Jolly, & Healthy - De-Stress & Re-Energize this Holiday Season

Feeling stressed out, run down, and out of energy is typical for many during the holidays. But not you, not this year! We will use the 80/20 rule to make healthy choices most days, but fit in those holiday treats in moderation. I will share how I meal plan around the holidays, what kinds of dishes I take to holiday gatherings, and my tips to stay energized & low-stress during this bustling time of year. Join me for accountability, motivation, & lot of holiday fun! We'll roll into the new year building healthy habits & hit those New Years resolutions out of the park!

You may be saying...
Who wants to start a fitness group right before Christmas?
*Folks who want to find some BALANCE this holiday season & not feel like you are busting at the seams come NYE.
*Folks who want to have some tricks up their sleeve to avoid overdoing it at holiday parties.
*Folks who want more ENERGY to enjoy the season's festivities & reduce their STRESS in a healthy way.
*Folks looking for a positive community of support to roll into the new year with some of the ground work already laid to crush your 2016 resolutions.
You Get:
-Healthy Holiday Recipes
- Holiday Meal Planning Tips
- Fun Fitness Friends
- Daily Coach Support
-Tips & Tricks for Healthy Living through the Holidays & Beyond

What you will need:
*me as your coach!  Click here to get your free membership.
*a Beachbody home workout (fill out the questionnaire below & I'll help you pick the one that best suits your needs)
*Shakeology - the healthiest meal of the day to help you bust those holiday cravings
*a can-do attitude & some holiday spirit
You deserve a healthy holiday.
Join me today.

Fill out my online form.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Masters Hammer & Chisel Fit Mommas Test Group

So I'll admit it....the picture above has been photoshopped.  Hahahaha... 
I may not have the body of trainer Autumn Calabrese now, but a girl has got to have goals!  My motto for the next to months is "Moms can get chiseled too!"  So who wants to join me?
Today is the day!  The launch of Beachbody's newest strength & resistance training workout - The Masters Hammer & Chisel! 
This is the first time these two power house trainers, Sagi Kalev & Autumn Calabrese, have teamed up for body sculpting, toning, & tightening workouts. 
If you loved the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, or Body Beast this program will be right up your alley.  The Masters Hammer & Chisel focuses on a flexible, clean eating nutrition plan with a focus on proper portion sizes.  You even get color coded containers with your order to help you stick to proper portion sizes.  This program has 12 new workouts that are all only 30-40 minutes in length & can all be done in your home with minimal equipment needed.
Necessary equipment:
*a few dumbbells
*a weight bench OR stability ball
*a chin up bar OR door attachment with a resistance band
In each workout there are modifications shown for those working with limited equipment or who need to use a lower intensity, so you do not have to have a full gym of weights & equipment to make this program work for you.
In addition to all the tools you will receive in your challenge pack, I will plug you into a private online accountability group to keep you motivated, focused, & on track to get "chiseled" this December & January.
I provide weekly meal plan suggestions, healthy recipes, daily support, motivation, tips, & activities to keep this journey fun!  Having a community of positive support will help you get an amazing jumpstart on  your 2016 resolutions & get you into healthy habits for the long-run.
Hammer & Chisel Fit Mommas Test Group requirements:
*I must be your assigned Team Beachbody coach. 
*You must purchase a Hammer & Chisel Challenge Pack.
This includes your complete workout program, nutrition guide, portion control containers, &
a 30 day supply of Shakeology
Energize & Recovery Performance Line Supplements
*Daily engagement in the online accountability group
Are you ready to get "hammered & chiseled" & get a jumpstart on your 2016 resolutions?
Complete the challenge group application below today!  Space is limited!

Fill out my online form.
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