Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pick Your Fix - 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme?

Chances are if you have flipped through the tv channels at all in the past few months you have caught at least a glimpse of the 21 Day Fix infomercial.  That baby is on all the time & I get sucked in every time!  Spoiler alert!  It has a happy ending!
If you haven't heard of the 21 Day Fix, it combines simple clean eating nutrition & teaches proper portions size with these nifty little color-coded containers.  The 21 Day Fix has dynamic 30 minute workouts that switch things up every day of the week - from yoga & Pilates, to cardio & strength training.  You will never get bored, build healthy habits, & you will see real results!  If you are new to working out or just getting back into the swing of things there is an awesome modifier to help you access every single workout on the level that works for you.
You definitely do not go hungry on the 21 Day Fix.  You eat every 2 1/2 -3 hours & use the easy to follow nutrition guide & portion control containers to guide you.  I also provide color-coded meal plans to help you figure out how to get your Fix on.  You even have the flexibility for some sweet treats & even an occasional glass of wine!
The 21 Day Fix Extreme takes this program to a whole new level.  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a live 21 Day Fix Extreme workout with the Fix creator, Autumn Calabrese, & hear her talk about this new program.

Autumn emphasized that the 21 Day Fix Extreme is NOT for beginners (unlike the original Fix).  This program is for folks who already have a solid base level of fitness & are looking to take it to the next level.  Every workout involves weights (Autumn says she loves to "toss around iron") & there are no breaks throughout the 30 minute workout.
The nutrition plan is also more extreme.  No more wine & chocolate treats!  This is all about optimal nutrition for peak performance & results.  Autumn shared that there are two nutrition plan options for the 21 Day Fix Extreme - extreme nutrition & competition prep nutrition plan. 
 Autumn is a bikini competitor & shares how she eats the final 21 days before a competition.  Autumn said you can go with one track or the other or do a combination of the two.
Here are some short videos so you can compare:
Now the choice is yours.  Which Fix will you pick?  Will you start simple or are you ready to go extreme?
The Pick Your Fix challenge group will run for 63 days so you will get support, guidance, meal plans, healthy recipes, & more not just for your first 21 Days, but for three full rounds of the Fix!  You can start with the original & transition to extreme.
You can stick with the original for the duration of the group.
You can go for a full 63 days of 21 Day Fix Extreme.
The choice is yours!
Pick Your Fix, I'll provide all the support you need to succeed.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Things I should have said to Carl Daikeler in the elevator...and other thoughts on Super Friday

This past weekend I impulsively jumped off of my elevator that was going down & onto an elevator that was going up....I did not need to go up, but I had the opportunity to jump on the elevator with the guy pictured above.  He's not a movie star or a world leader, but he sure is working hard to end the trend of obesity in America - he is the co-founder & CEO of Team Beachbody, Carl Daikeler. 
Not many people I know would be this excited to jump on an elevator with their CEO, but as you can see from my cheesy grin, I was totally pumped!  So pumped, in fact, that I didn't have my wits about me to say something meaningful...I have that tendency to get tongue-tied when I get excited.  So, our conversation went something like this...
Me: Carl, can I get on the elevator with you?
Carl: Sure
Me: <jumping up & down> Can we take a picture?
Carl: Sure
<I take a few shaky selfies.>
Me: Sorry, I'm gross & sweaty (from the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout we just did with Autumn Calabrese)
Carl: Yeah, I'm gross too.
Me: But you didn't do the workout... <elevator door opens> Thanks for the picture...this will make a great story!
<Carl exits elevator.>
So after I go down to the floor I had originally intended to & run to tell all my friends about my elevator adventure, I'm driving back to my folks' house where I was spending the weekend.  That's when my brain slows down enough to realize all the things I SHOULD have said to Carl in that elevator.  So here it goes....Carl will probably never read this, but this is what I should have said to him in that elevator....
Me: Carl, thanks so much for developing this coaching opportunity & entrusting the growth of your business to people who started out as Beachbody customers.  Had my friend Melanie never posted on Facebook about how she lost her baby weight with Insanity I never would have even thought about buying a Beachbody workout...I'm just not an infomercial watching type of gal.
Thank you for challenge groups, without that first challenge group that I joined after having our 4th child I would still be teetering on 200lbs., I would still have zero energy, & I would not feel comfortable in my own skin.
Thank you for fostering a community of support & comradeship as we work towards the common goal of a healthier country.  I have reconnected with some wonderful long-time friends & met some fabulous new friends through this fitness family we call Beachbody.  This community of support is what gave me my life back, saved my sanity, & helped me to leave a job that I had become disillusioned with.
Thank you for the chance to change lives from the comfort of my home.  I went from working mom to stay at home mom to work from home mom....I never would have dreamed of myself as an entrepreneur, but thanks to coaching, now I am one!  Having the flexibility to work when is best for my family & I is a priceless gift.
And Carl would have said: Sure, you're welcome.  (Because he's awesome & humble like that.)
Back to reality & what I really did in that elevator...
Totally dorked out!
Thanks for listening & dealing with my wacky personality in that elevator!
So this event really was about more than hijacking elevators...
Super Friday in Pittsburgh was a fabulous opportunity, not only for me to learn about some great new things that are coming down the pipeline from Beachbody...
Like 21 Day Fix Extreme
And Beachbody On Demand...think streaming video library of your favorite Beachbody workouts.  Oh yeah!
But I also got to celebrate a successful year with my wonderful team.  These ladies have become some of my dearest friends.  We work together, lift each other up, and strive to make America a healthier place for each & every person who reads our posts, follows our blogs, joins our challenge groups, or likes a  pic on Instagram.  We are out there changing lives & loving every minute of it.
Click here learn more about the Team Beachbody coaching opportunity.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts

This simple preparation will win over all you Brussel Sprout nay-sayers!
1 lb. fresh Brussel sprouts
2 Tbls. extra virgin olive oil
sea salt & fresh cracked black pepper to taste

Roast in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 425 degrees. Turn once during roasting.

January Jump-Start Fitness Focus Group

We all start off the year with good intentions of making healthier choices, starting a new workout routine, or simply cutting out junk food.  But maybe you were too worn out from the holidays.  Maybe you didn't know where to start.  Change can be overwhelming if you don't have someone to help & support you.
Are you in need of a resolution re-do? 
Your new year begins January 19.  We will set goals, make meal plans, and put healthy habits in place to jump into 2015 with all the support you need to succeed.
Here are some of the results that challengers had in recent groups:
Better health
Weight loss & increased endurance:
Self-confidence through the roof:
How will I help you succeed?  I will give you one on one support to reach your health & fitness goals.  I will help you choose the workout program that will meet your needs & fit into your lifestyle.  In the group I provide weekly meal plans & I can help you customize your weekly meal plan.  I will provide you with healthy recipes that are kid-tested & hubby approved to help you entire family enjoy healthier eating.  Meal prep tips, grocery lists, healthy snack ideas, & daily support & accountability to help you succeed.
Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your co-workers....we are starting a healthy revolution & it is time for each & every one of  you to SHINE!
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Banana Ice Cream

Quick, easy, creamy, & dreamy...banana "ice cream."

Cut frozen bananas into 1 inch rounds & put into food processor.

Pulse until crumbly looking. Scrape down sides occasionally.

Turn on food processor for approximately 2 minutes, until the bananas take on an ice cream-like consistency.

Add in 2 Tbls. all-natural peanut butter or other add-ins of your choice. Cashew butter, almond butter, or unsweetened coconut flakes would be amazing.

Turn on food processor until peanut butter is incorporated.

Enjoy this guilt-free frozen treat!

New Year, New Habits - 30 Day Clean Eating Workshop

We are into the second week of the new year & if you are a resolution-setter you are in one of two positions:

You have been working on your resolution from day one & chugging along.  So far so good.


You are still trying to figure out your plan to make these resolutions a reality.

If your New Years Resolution had anything to do with healthier eating habits, learning proper portion sizes, or better over-all health then this is the group for you.

In this 30 day Clean Eating workshop you will the basic principals of clean eating & how you can benefit from this lifestyle. You will be given healthy recipes, weekly meal plans, snack ideas, tips for navigating the grocery store, how to clean up your cooking habits.  Plus daily motivation, accountability, & a community of support to help you make your resolution a REAL SOLUTION. 

Could tips on proper portion size, how to navigate the grocery store, the best substitutes for coffee creamer...and so much more make a difference in your health & habits?
Apply today:

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