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What is health & fitness accountability group?

As a Beachbody coach I get the questions all the time "What is a health & fitness group?" and "How can an accountability group help me?"

Long story short, a challenge group is that layer of ACCOUNTABILITY & SUPPORT that so many folks are lacking when they begin a lifestyle transformation.

You should know that I am the product of a health & fitness group!  After the birth of our fourth child I needed to reclaim my body & feel comfortable in my skin once again.  Not only did I crush my weight loss goals, I gained energy, self-confidence, and a new healthy lifestyle for my family & I.  Find out more about my transformation here.

I have continued with the healthy lifestyle that I set in place during my first challenge group & my entire family has benefited.

Before joining a health & fitness group, you & I will chat about your health & fitness goals, and discuss any physical or dietary restrictions you may have.  We will talk about your daily schedule, your level of physical fitness, and how much time you have to devote to exercise.  This will help me find a Beachbody home workout program that you will enjoy & that will help you reach your goals.  

As a participant in an accountability group you are added to a closed Facebook group that can only be accessed by your coach (Me!) & fellow participants.  Everyone is there for the same purpose - to improve their health & fitness.  It is a supportive community where you can ask questions, get tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle, celebrate successes daily, and even vent frustrations.  

As you coach & the leader of the group, I post:
*daily motivation
*fitness tips
*lessons on clean eating
*podcasts & articles with helpful tips & information to help you achieve your goals!

As your coach I answer your questions, give your personal support, and keep you accountable. This is the recipe for success!  

Your role in the challenge group is to:
*check in daily to stay accountable to your goals
*share your daily exercise - I will help you find the Beachbody home workout that will best meet your needs
*give clean eating a shot
*share your daily victories & struggles.  We are all in this TOGETHER
*drink your nutrient dense, superfood-packed Shakeology daily 

Being an active participant in the group keeps you accountable & on-track to reach your goals.  Interaction among challengers builds a community of support & positive energy.  

Watch this to learn more about the benefits of having a Beachbody coach: 

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