Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Every choice you make should ENHANCE your life...

Did you ever come upon a picture of yourself & say "was that really what I looked like?!?"

When I saw the 2010 pic pop up in my memories I was like "WHOA!" Then something my coach said on a call today hit me like a ton of bricks & immediately took me back to that 2010 picture...

What you are doing {in your career, relationships, personal care, etc} should be ENHANCING your life.

❤️Find a career that you love & you're passionate about...Don't be a slave to your job.
❤️Find a lifestyle that energizes you, that makes you feel strong & confident...Don't stick with a "diet" that makes you feel miserable.
❤️Surround yourself with people that lift you up, make you better, & keep you smiling....Drop the people who drag you down with their negative attitudes.

In 2010 I was unhealthy, exhausted, felt stuck in a job that gave me stress out the wazoo. 😣

Today I am healthy, happy, energized, independent, I'm my own boss, & helping others to change their lives one simple step at a time. 😍

How will you enhance your life today???

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