Wednesday, January 1, 2014

3-Day Shakeology Cleanse

Are you feeling a bit bloated & blah after the holidays?  Join the club!  If you are interested in giving your systems a clean sweep & getting a jump-start on your health & fitness goals for the New Year, a 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse may be just what you need.

Benefits of a 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse: 
-Rid your body of fat.
-Detoxify your body.
-Jump-start your weight loss & fitness routine
-Body rejuvenation.  

The 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse is a "performance" cleanse, meant to be done in conjunction with your regular exercise schedule & in conjunction with a healthy diet.  No wacky drinks of cayenne pepper & lemon juice hear - the 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse is simply a calorie restricted, nutrient-dense cleanse. This is not a "quick fix," but simply a jump-start for your system.  

While the 3-Day Shakeology Cleanse is designed to work in conjunction with your regular workout schedule, it is best to schedule it for a recovery week if you are doing an intense workout like P90X, TurboFire, or Insanity.  Your energy may be a bit decreased during the three days of the cleanse, due to the limited calories you are consuming, so if you feel you are not up to your regular workout, keep moving by doing some yoga or walking during your cleanse days.

So are you ready to lose between 3-10 lbs., get rid of extra bloating, and have your system feel refreshed?  Then you just may be ready to give the 3-Day Shakeology cleanse a shot.
I have personally lost up to 5 pounds in three days by following the schedule below:

Three Day Shakeology Cleanse

Want to learn more about your dense dose of daily nutrition?  Click here:

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