Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to eat clean while eating out at a restaurant.

Eating OUT! It's something that we all do and should enjoy. I don't want it to be a source of frustration or anxiety. When I was trying to find the balance between clean eating & when to allow a cheat meal I became "no fun to go out with anymore" according to my husband because I would stress so much about a restaurant menu. But once I learned a coping skills eating out became much easier for me again.
*If possible, check out the menu online before every leaving the house. Look for the most "clean" menu item. That way when you walk in the restaurant you won't even have to open up the menu & be tempted by those pictures & scrumptious-sounding descriptions.
*Look for words like BAKED, GRILLED, BROILED. Avoid words like smothered, fried, scampi, creamy.
*If a dish comes with sauce request to leave the sauce off or have it served on the side.
*Opt for oil & vinegar for your salad or a vinegrette. Bypass the creamy dressings & don't be fooled by "fat-free"...that just means "filled with chemicals"....blah!
*Pass the bread basket - it's just empty calories!
*Skip the soda or sweet tea...get a big glass of WATER with a nice wedge of lemon. If you want some tea go for the unsweetened variety. I actually carry packets of Stevia in my purse now to sweeten my own tea & coffee on the occasion that I get it when I'm out.
*Look for half-portions or order from the appetizer menu. If that's not an option, don't be afraid to leave some on your plate or take home a doggy bag. I know I was brought up to be part of the "clean plate club"& not to waste food. Eat slowly & listen to your body. Don't keep stuffing yourself just because it tastes good. Eat what you know is an appropriate portion & push the plate away.
*If you REALLY want a bite of something sweet after dinner share a dessert & adhere to the "three bite rule"...three bites should be enough to satisfy that sweet tooth. Then put down your fork & walk away!

Click here for clean eating recipes to enjoy at home!

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