Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BBQ Chicken Wraps

On super busy nights with guitar lessons, soccer practice, & keeping everyone in line I am so thankful for my crock pot & it's amazing ability to cook our dinner ahead of time & allow us to eat quickly between activities.  Today I tried something new & came up with this tasty dish.

BBQ Chicken Wraps

In your crock pot combine:
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 can diced tomatoes with mild green chiles (no salt added)
1 Tbls. Cajun seasoning (or paprika, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, sea salt, black pepper)
1/2 cup water

Cook on low for approx. 6 hours.

When chicken is fully cooked use two forks to shred the chicken.
Add 1 cup frozen (or fresh when in season) corn & homemade BBQ sauce*.  Stir well & allow to cook on low for an additional 30 minutes.

*Homemade BBQ sauce
1 15oz. can tomato sauce (no salt added)
1 Tbls. apple cider vinegar
2 Tbls. Blackstrap molasses
1 Tbls. raw honey
2 Tbls. black pepper
2 tsp. sea salt
2 tsp. garlic powder

Whisk together & enjoy!

I served this on whole wheat tortillas for the kids & for the grown ups we used romaine lettuce leaves for our BBQ chicken wraps.  I topped my BBQ chicken with some fresh, crunchy Rainbow Slaw.

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