Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Healthy For Life

I saw this image & immediately thought of my family.  I want my children to learn healthy habits for life & I know that it starts AT HOME!  They see what I am doing every day, the food choices I make, the activities that we engage in, they hear me talk about fitness with family & friends.  
I love when my 9 year-old asks me if a food is a healthy choice, or points out healthy option while we are out.  It's awesome when my 7 year-old says she wants to work out with me today & please don't do it without her.  I love when my 4 year-old wants to go running!  And how cute is it that the baby is now signing to show he wants more blueberries & bananas!  I'm building healthy kids who will one day be healthy adults... one day, one choice, one game, one workout at a time.
I'm working to End the Trend of obesity & starting AT HOME!

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